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TinyCMS Previews
So we're giving the first previews of the admin panel today. We're keeping it simple and lightweight, but it'll be much more usable.

Easy to manage, modify and use. All text (front/back-end) will be in an easy to edit language file, we were going to do the same for the non-database version of TinyCMS but it's too small and doesn't require it.

Posted by Jake - 28th April 2012
TinyCMS' MySQL version started!
Did you hear!? We've started officially on the development of the MySQL version of TinyCMS, it will be named "TinyCMS", you'll just have the option to download it. Don't worry though, we'll still be developing and supporting the non-database version, that's why Jake has started getting some helpers in, so we can all manage the support. More info shortly! I've had the privilege of seeing the new admin panel and it looks pretty cool!

Posted by Admin - 28th April 2012
Theme downloads page updated
I've been looking at the themes download page for some time now, everytime thinking, "Wow, it's too complicated and looks awful!"... So today I finally decided to re-make the page and it looks much better, and I've re-added theme demos.

Posted by Jake - 27th April 2012
MakeUseOf mentioned us!
To our surprise, MakeUseOf actually mentioned us! This is great news and it's great that we were rated high enough on websites so that we got mentioned. We're still working on the development of TinyCMS by the way, we just don't want to update the script with a feature which defeats the point of "Tiny" CMS.

Posted by Admin - 26th April 2012
Website Issues
We've had a few website loading issues over the last week or two. Hopefully this should no longer happen, our web-host was very good at resolving the issues, we apologize for the news feed downtime.

Posted by Jake - 27th March 2012
Tyler's Support
I want to make it very easy for you to make support requests. I will be making a support ticket system, it will be much like email, we reply to your ticket.

Posted by Tyler - 21st March 2012
New TinyCMS Website
I've been wanting to re-create the TinyCMS website for a while now, but I liked the simplicity of the first one. I've decided to keep it simple but add some more style to the site! The layout is pretty much the same, sidebar to the right etc, it's just a little easier to navigate through now.

Posted by Jake - 21st March 2012